Time to Change Focus

Well, I’ve got sad news to report. Despite my best efforts to get people interested and behind this project it just doesn’t seem to be connecting with people. Most everyone with larger social networks whom I reached out to to help spread the word outright ignored me. From photographers (some who have even done their own charitable projects), to the very Burning Man community that this project was inspired by. 90% of them have let me down. The crowdfunding campaign turned into a slap in the face considering how much money gets thrown at so many meaningless projects.

Interest from people in general isn’t there and many who have shown interest have left me hanging. My time, energy and personal money being taken for granted. I’m not going to chase and fight to give something to people who don’t want it.

This project is now on the back burner while I work towards getting myself back on the road for my personal photography goals. The world obviously isn’t ready for a project like this. Perhaps I’ll revisit it or retool it later on. But for now, my heart is a little battered and bruised and I really don’t even want to look at this anymore.

To those who stepped up with encouragement, shares and contributions (all 20 of you) I am forever grateful. I’m sorry I couldn’t make you all more proud and give you something to follow for months/years to come.

It’s now time to switch gears and prepare for the road trip that this was to be part off. To get ready for a new chapter in my life and create art for my own personal reasons.

Much love,

Time to Change FocusWayne Stadler

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  1. We will always be proud of you and the amazing talent you bring.
    Keep your dreams alive, the journey is the best part ❤️

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