Let’s Celebrate Life’s Little Victories, Capture New Memories or Document an Important Moment with a Creative Photoshoot!

Paying forward creative photo shoots one at a time to those who may not otherwise have the means to make memorable, unique photo memories with a photographer like me. The more creative and important they are to you the better. Let’s capture a moment in time that you will cherish. There is no catch. I just want you to share a short story about why we should do photos together and what they would mean to you.

  • Alec and His Guitars

    Alec and His Guitars

  • Pedwell Band Promo Shots

    Pedwell Band Promo Shots

  • Olivia’s Head Shots

    Olivia’s Head Shots

  • The Hodgson Family

    The Hodgson Family

  • Alisha's "Trash the Dress" shoot.

    Alisha’s Twisted Trash the Dress

    Alisha’s Twisted Trash the Dress

  • John P.L. Roberts for Brian’s Project

    John P.L. Roberts for Brian’s Project

  • Ferny Turnbull

    Ferny Turnbull

  • Christa


  • Mark, Alison and Billie

    Mark, Alison and Billie

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