Mark, Alison and Billie

Mark, Alison and their beloved dog Billie are FotosForward’s first photo session. A very quick off the cuff shoot that couldn’t define the whole idea of FotosForward any better.

Mark and Alison are friends of mine who live and work in Vancouver BC. Mark’s hours were just cut at his job, the apartment that they live in has been sold and slated for demolition and they will be forced to move soon. Billie, their pet dog has had a long life but her health was starting to deteriorate and the vet bills were being added to the credit cards. The poor pup was diagnosed with cancer in one of her hind legs and had to be carried outside for these photos (as well as her pee breaks). Two weeks after these shots were taken Billie was in poorer health and diagnosed with more cancer. It was time to let her go.

I’m grateful that I was able to take some photos of the three of them together before Billie passed on. Something Mark and Alison would have never justified as a legitimate expense in their current situation. This a perfect example of why I’m here working on this project.

May 2014 | Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mark, Alison and BillieWayne Stadler
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