Well Hello

Well what does one say for the first post?

I’m here, we’ve launched and I am more than excited about the possibilities that lay ahead. A chance to take my passion and pay it forward. Working with deserving people, giving back, learning more each day about this chosen work and hopefully making a small difference in the world as I go. This project is a vehicle for better things. A better me, I’m hoping, at minimum, a better day for many of you and in my own small effort, a bit better world. Essentially that is all I hope to do, to leave this big marble that we live on a little better of a place than when I got here.

I hope you all join me and follow along. If I can possibly do some photos with you, please apply.

Also, if you find this project worthy, share it. Help spread the word, help me keep it going in any way possible. I can’t do this without you.

Thank you for stopping by and seeing what this is about. As it grows things will get busier, more photos, more updates, more inspiring stories of all the people I meet.

See you soon,


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Well HelloWayne Stadler

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