General questions.

How long is this project running for?

I have no set end date. Because I’d like to get to and photograph people all over North America I will be trying to keep it running as long as possible.

How big of a group will you do a shoot with?

I’m willing to tackle any size of group providing we get good weather/light as my portable lighting will only accommodate a small group (1-6). If your large group project is selected for a session and we can get outside in some nice light it will be fine, will just take more planning and a little luck, that’s all.

What is the best time to do a photo session?

There will be times when schedules may not allow for these times but the best times for great light outdoors are mornings dawn to 10am and late afternoon to dusk. Obviously if a concept or weather dictates that we shoot indoors these times won’t matter as much.

How many photos will I get?

Depending on what you need and the creative concept that we work on together most shoots will be between 10 and 30 final shots.

How do we know where FotosForward is going to be next?

I’ll be trying to plan my stops a few weeks in advance. Towns, cities and general areas will be listed in order on THIS PAGE first. In addition I will be sharing my travel information via social media on the FotosForward Facebook page and Twitter account.

What if you’ve already gone through my area?

If I’ve already been through your area, perhaps even photographed your friends,  chances are I won’t be back. At least not for a long while. The routing of this trip/project, albeit sporadic, will generally be a slow zigzag North and South that gradually makes it’s way East from the West coast. Obviously the duration/longevity of this project is going to depend a lot on the support it receives.

Do you photograph weddings?

I will consider a wedding but only as a paid job to help support the ongoing project. If you really want me to photograph your wedding you can contact me through the “Hire Me” page. I won’t be doing free wedding photos through this project as I feel that if you’re planning a wedding, you have a budget and you should be budgeting/saving for a wedding photographer for your big day just as you would your caterer or location rental.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. If I agree to do a photo session with you I will do what I can to make that happen. Afterward, when you download your photos you’re free to use them however you want, no strings attached. Obviously if you’re happy with your shots I’d hope you’d help spread the word and share the project (and your photos) with your friends and family.

How long do the photo sessions take?

Depending on the complexity of what we decide to work on together most shoots will fall between 45 minutes and 2 hours, not including any travel time, make-up or set up time.

What does a photo session cost?

If you apply and are selected for a photo shoot/session in your area there is no cost to you, AT ALL. I’m gifting my photography services to people with limited incomes and resources to help further propel their dreams, capture a moment or simply give them something they may not ever be able to do otherwise.

Signing Up

Questions regarding signing up for a photo session.

Who can apply for a photo session?

Anyone can apply for a photo session. I welcome everyone regardless or race, religion, size or age. However if you are younger than 18 please note that you will need an adult guardian to attend your shoot with you.

Also be advised that this project is for those with limited incomes and resources to do creative photography. If you are a business or individual who can afford to pay a photographer, please do so.

Post Shoot

Questions regarding what happens after we've done a photo session together.

What will my photos be used for?

Your photos will be yours to do with what you wish. During the application/booking process I will be asking you to sign a model release before we move forward, this is strictly to allow me to use your photos on this website, the Facebook page and other forms of social media that help promote the project. If things go well there may be a possibility of a book at the very end of the project if there is any interest in one. Other than that I will not be using your photos for anything. Definitely not for commercial purposes.

How do I get my pictures?

After we do a photo session together we’ll go our separate ways. Within the next 30 days I will edit you photos. Once your photos are ready I will be emailing you a link where you’ll be able to download your high resolution, print ready files. You can then take the digital files to a local outlet to get prints made if you so desire. I am working on acquiring a printer, paper and ink but because I have limited space and budget this may be a very rare option only available for those not connected to the internet.


How can you support this project?

Can I donate to FotosForward?

Yes, yes you can. Donations are accepted to keep me and the project on the road.  I can accept Interac email transfers (through your bank) as well as Paypal donations to donations@fotosforward.com

However please note: I do not have the ability/status to offer tax receipts yet.

How do I or my company become a sponsor?

Sponsorship can be handled in many different ways. Depending on what you’d like to do for the project I’d be happy discuss what you’d like in return. Keep in mind I’m interested in ANYTHING that will help keep this project moving forward. It could be anything from a tank of gas or a motel room for the night to a full on corporate sponsorship with branding. Just let me know how you’d like to help and we can discuss it.

Have a question? Submit to me via the contact page and check back here for the answer.

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