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There are many ways to support FotosForward.


Donations can be made to both Paypal and via an online Interac transfer to


Fotos Forward is always looking for sponsorship of any kind. Anything that helps keep the project moving forward and the photos being produced is a plus.

Following and Sharing:

Fotos Forward can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. It always helps if you follow and share posts from these social media outlets. Updates on shoots, future locations news and more will be posted regularly.


What better way to network and get involved with FotosForward than to collaborate with a photo shoot and have some fun. Make-up artists, clothing designers, props and set decoration people, aspiring photographers who want to assist me in a larger shoot. You’re all welcome to drop me a line and let me know you’re available as I get closer to your area. If we work together you will be credited on the session and the photos any place they are displayed. A wonderful day it would be to be the recipient of some “rock star” treatment for their shoot. Lets work together and make some magic happen.

Buy A Fine Art Print:

This isn’t the only type of photography I do. I’m also an avid landscape photographer as well as a fan of of the unique juxtaposition of derelict man made items in their final natural resting places. My limited edition prints can be found for sale at Wayne Stadler Photography and you can also follow that aspect of my work on Facebook and Tumblr

Hire Me:

Another way to support this project is to hire me. I am available to do paid work.

Paid photo sessions, freelance work, commissions etc are all ways to put the needed dollars back into this project. All money I make from hired sessions, print sales, sponsorships etc all goes toward keeping this project going.

Obviously if you’re hiring me to do work outside of my projected travel path there will be expenses that have to be covered etc. All details can be discussed per situation.

More of my work can be seen at Wayne Stadler Photography and you can also follow that aspect of my work on Facebook and Tumblr.

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