• Time to Change Focus

    Well, I’ve got sad news to report. Despite my best efforts to get people interested and behind this project it just doesn’t seem to be connecting with people. Most everyone with larger social networks whom I reached out to to help spread the word outright ignored me. From photographers (some […]

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  • Feature in the Strathmore Standard

    Myself and Fotos Forward was written about in the the Wednesday June 10th edition of the Strathmore Standard Newspaper. Both in the print and online versions. Page 24. 🙂 Thank you to Jaline Pankratz for the write up. Alisha, Christa and Ellen for agreeing to be interviewed and the kind […]

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  • Fotos Forward Fridays

    Give a free gift of a photo session and memories to someone who deserves them. Fridays I will be promoting the nomination aspect of Fotos Forward. Sometimes people are apprehensive or too prideful to ask for something that is free. What I want people to realize is that I want […]

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  • Well Hello

    Well what does one say for the first post? I’m here, we’ve launched and I am more than excited about the possibilities that lay ahead. A chance to take my passion and pay it forward. Working with deserving people, giving back, learning more each day about this chosen work and […]

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