Apply For A Photo Session

The process to having me do a creative photo shoot with you is pretty simple. That said there are some prerequisites that are needed as I can’t shoot everybody. This project is not a free for all. I’m not out to undercut local photographers by giving away free services. If you can afford to pay a photographer for your photographic needs then you should be hiring one.

This project is based on helping people with limited means, a lot which fall under financial but can also be mobility issues, remote location challenges etc.

Some examples (but not limited to) are:

  • Individuals or families with very limited income.
  • Individuals or families who may have lost photographic memories due to fire, flooding or other catastrophic events.
  • Individuals or families in remote/rural areas with limited access to a professional photographer.
  • Individuals or family members with limited mobility due to illness or other factors.
  • Aspiring models or actors currently living in areas that make it difficult to hook up with a photographer for trading of services or are limited by the cost.
  • Independent musicians and bands with very limited budgets.
  • New small independent businesses that need a few shots for their website, brochure etc to get themselves started.
  • Charity organizations that are doing awesome things for their community and society.

Another aspect of this project is simple documentation. There are times through life that need to be saved and shared. Memories that need to be captured. These examples are more based on what I call, “should haves”. Parent’s should have photos of their kids and once in awhile should be able to gather everyone up for a memorable professional shoot. Family reunions that don’t happen very often, life events etc. Again, if you CAN afford to pay for such services than you should be HIRING a local professional. Even if that means saving for awhile. As an example I myself saved for over a year for the very camera gear that I’ll be using.

Some other examples (but not limited to) are:

  • Single parents who may not have the means to get a family portrait or creative shots of their kids to document a certain time in their lives.
  • Graduations
  • Family or friendship reunions
  • Finishing a first marathon

Disclaimer: I’m not going to write weddings off completely but I feel that a wedding is something that is planned for. Within that planning is saving and planning for a photographer just as you would plan and save for rental of a hall or a caterer for the meals.

I am open to almost anything. I want to hear your stories. I want you to tell me about the passion you have for whatever it is you need/want the photos for. I want you to get me excited about shooting them. I welcome creativity in all your ideas and suggestions. Don’t just message me with “I need a photo”. Convince me. Tell me how fun and cool it will be to do your photos for you. Inspire me to do these with you.

If you think you have a good case to win my heart and time, you can apply by using the Application Form. Alternatively, if you feel you know someone who really would benefit from a shoot and want to nominate them, you can use the Nomination Form.

Please note: If this project picks up steam and the demand increases past my available time I will be forced to become very selective. If I don’t choose you for a shoot it’s nothing personal. I fully expect that there will be many deserving people that I simply will not be able to work with. I’ll honestly do what I can.



Apply For A Photo SessionWayne Stadler